Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will Covid affect camp?
A: After two summers withou programs, we are excited to welcome youth back to DCC!
Drift Creek Camp is following cleaning and updated operations protocols based on recommendations made by the CDC, Oregon Health Authority, American Camp Association and additional guidelines made by Lincoln County’s Health Department.  We encourage families, campers, volunteers and guests to review the resources available on those sites. Campers will be screened daily for Covid-related symptoms. If a camper develops symptoms, parents will be contacted to take their camper home. With exceptions for some outdoor & socially distanced activities, Drift Creek Camp will continue to follow guidance for masks and face coverings.

Q: Which week does my camper sign up for?
Campers should enroll for the camp grade of their current school year. If a child is in 6th grade at the time of registration (prior to the June 1 deadline), then he or she should register for the 5th and 6th grade camp.

Q: What are the registration deadlines?
A: $25 will be added to registrations received after June 1.

Q: What Staff will be at camp during the week?
A: Each week a pastor will lead morning chapel and evening firesides. A nurse will also be available to assist with medications and health-related needs. Water activities are supervised by Red Cross certified lifeguards. Counselors care for and serve campers. Cabin counselors are 18 years and older. A tightly knit community has developed with campers and staff returning year after year.

Q: What type of food will be served?
 Your camper will enjoy plentiful meals. Two daily snacks are provided. Please do not bring extra things to eat. Food is not allowed in cabins. Here is sample menu for Summer Camp. Note that this menu is subject to changes and variations. Contact food service director, Glen Oesch, to plan accordingly about substitutions for your camper’s dietary needs. Due to our remote location, plans must be made in advance. Drift Creek Camp does NOT maintain a NUT-FREE facility. The camp is ocated AT LEAST 45 minutes from a hospital. We need your help in meeting your child’s food allergy needs. It is greatly appreciated when families send along substitutions for their campers. Items can be labled with the camper’s name and easily stored. If your child has a severe allergy and requires an Epi-pen, please send one with your child.

Q: What are the facilities like?
The A-frame lodge contains the dining area, chapel, nurse’s station, office, and two cabins on the third floor. Five cabins and one yurt house twelve people each in bunks with mattresses. A bathhouse provides private showers, toilets, and sinks. The Activity Center contains a climbing wall, fireplace, and space for games. Outdoor gatherings are in the amphitheater or fireside ring. Camp’s electrical power comes from a generator, but emergency lighting is provided through batteries. A flashlight is always helpful! Some cabin groups will camp overnight at designated sites within the loop. The entrance gate is closed nightly.

Q: What is the theme for camp this year?
A: After three years of not seeing campes, DCC is excited about Summer 2021! This year’s theme will focus on Neighbors. Through the stories, campers will discover more about God’s great love. From looking at how to be a neighbor to diving into what it means to love our neighbors close at hand and around the world.Q: What activities will my child participate in at camp?
A: There are 2-3 daily activities during from which campers choose:  swimming, hiking, crafts, climbing wall, inner-tubing, field games, nature activities, etc.

Q: How do I get to Drift Creek Camp?
A: Please see our Directions page.

Q: What time should my camper be dropped off and picked up?
A: Check-in is at 4:00 p.m. and pick-up at 11:30 a.m. Please provide written authorization if someone other than you will pick up your child.

Q: May I write letters to my camper during the week?
Daily mail is important! Send letters early to ensure arrival. Send letters to:  Camper’s Name, PO Box 1110, Lincoln City, OR 97367. Please do not send candy. Mail will not be picked up on Fridays. Send letters early enough in the week to ensure delivery by or before Thursday or leave letters with camp staff at registration and they can be distributed during the week. Once campers have left it is difficult to deliver mail and we do not have the option of forwarding letters.) If you are uncertain that a letter/package will reach DCC in time, please send to the recipient’s home address rather than to DCC. Remember– mail is NOT picked up on the final day of camp. Those are transition days and staff will not have the opportunity to make the 1.5-hour drive for mail. 

Q: What types of merchandise is available for purchase?
 A group picture is taken weekly. Copies of the 8 x 10 color picture ($5) will be available to take home on Friday (or the last day of camp) for those who order at registration. Photos purchased later will be $8.00. T-shirts, hats, tote bags and DCC memberships ($35) are also available; prices vary.

Q: What should my camper bring to camp?
Please see our Things to Bring and Forget page and this Packing List.

Q: What happens with lost and found items?
Items left will be held until the end camp. Following DCC programs, rental groups will use the facilities and require office access. There will be no space for lost and found items. Anything left will be donated to charity. DCC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label clothing & sleeping bags.