our seats are empty!

Drift Creek Camp is partnering with you and the rest of the world in the global effort to slow the spread of Covid-19.  Like most organizations, we, too, have ceased operations during this historic pandemic. While this closure is a painful economic blow, abiding by social distancing protocals is an act of love for the most vulnerable among us. This is an opportunity to truly take care of each other! However, it also means that DCC is unable to host rental groups or our own programs. As a non-profit, we are dependent upon that revenue to cover operating costs. Like all of you, we are finding the uncertainty of these times to be unnverving. It is difficult to know how to plan or even how to communicte with consituents because we just don’t know how long social distancing will leave the seats empty. So even if you can’t gather at Drift Creek with your school, your congregation or your family, please consider helping DCC to fill the gap. Donations of any size will help cover expenses while we wait this out. We appreciate your prayers. We are doing all that we can to minimize operating expenses during the closure. Click below to help if you can. 

For more information, contact…

Brenda and Tony Kauffman, Drift Creek Camp directors
email: info@driftcreek.org
phone: (971) 600-1244