Food Service

Drift Creek Camp is known for hearty, home-cooked meals. All meals are typically served buffet style and include entree, side, dessert, and fresh, homemade baked goods. The dining room is located on the main floor of the Lodge. Drift Creek does NOT maintain a NUT-FREE kitchen and cannot accommodate VEGAN dietary needs. DCC’s Food Service program is dependent upon volunteers and, therefore, is not guaranteed to always be available.

A typical weekend 3-meal package includes:
• Saturday brunch and dinner; Sunday brunch
• includes coffee and tea service
• $46.00 per person or $27.00 per child (ages 4-11); ages 3 and under are free

A typical weekend 4-meal package includes:
• Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday brunch; coffee and tea service included
• $58.00 per person or $32.00 per child (ages 4-11); ages 3 and under are free

Individual meals:
•  Breakfast  $12.00 ($6 kids)
•  Lunch        $14.00 ($8 kids)
•  Dinner       $18.00 ($10 kids)
•  Brunch      $14.00 ($8 kids)

Please note: Due to the high costs of substitutions, additional charges will be added for accommodating special dietary needs.

Minimum charge for DCC to provide food service: $1500.00 If two smaller groups share the facility, their combined numbers are used to meet the minimum.

Groups will be charged according to the number of guests signed up or the number that actually each, whichever is greater.

A $250/night rental fee applies for groups preparing their own meals. Please call for details. Cooks must abide by DCC’s kitchen rental policies/OHA requirements. All workers must obtain Food Handler’s Card. A list of kitchen equipment and instructions is available upon request. Please follow DCC’s USER GUIDELINES for rental groups.

PLEASE NOTE: If DCC provides food service, sleeping space will need to be set aside for the kitchen staff. Space required will depend on the size of the group and how many cooks will be needed.