Bioblitz Team

BiodiversityTeamOur biodiversity survey has been blessed by a  highly skilled and generous team of experts. Names marked with an (*) participated in the original May 24, 2008, bioblitz event and have continued to support the effort with return visits and assistance with identification. Unmarked names have joined the effort following the initial event.

Names in alphabetical order:  Victor Berthelsdorf, Wilbur Bluhm*, Joe Ebersole*, Lisa Ebersole*, Bruce Eder*, Janet Eder*, Seth Ediger, Ronald Exeter, Bruce Flaming*, Roy Gerig*, Jennifer Gingerich*, John Gingerich*, Conrad Gowell*, Shelley Gowell*, Jake Hurlbert*, Kaitlyn Kauffman, Wilbur Kauffman*, Norm Lind,  David McCorkle*, Lorelei Norvell, Laura and Jesse Sigmans,  Lowell Spring*, Chris and Lisa Olvares, Marty Stein,  Rich Swartzentruber*, Bruce Waugh, and  Jon Yoder*

Brief Bios for the bioblitz participants

Wilbur Bluhm Wilbur is at home in the Oregon wilderness. The now retired professor of horticulture has traveled to all corners our state to photograph more than 1,500 plant species native to Oregon and has given many programs on native plants to audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is also an active volunteer with the Oregon Plant Atlas Project, having contributed more than 65 plant checklists and suggested several new taxa to the Oregon Vascular Plant Checklist.

Joe Ebersole Joe is a research fishery biologist with the US Environmental Protection Agency. His research focusses on the ecology of stream fishes. He has played in and around streams for nearly 40 years.  He’s still not tired of it.

Lisa Ebersole  Lisa is a botonist .

Bruce Eder  Bruce is a retired vice president of operations for Tree Top, Inc. and travels the world as a bird enthusiast and experienced photographer.

Janet Eder  Janet is s former teacher, a busy grandmother, and travels the world with her husband on birding trips. She lead children’s bioblitz activities.

Ronald Exeter Salem BLM-Marys Peak Resource Area

Bruce Flaming  Bruce became familiar with the beauty and uniqueness of Drift Creek Camp when his children attended summer camp and he would fish Drift Creek.  Bruce enjoys hiking, biking, gardening and golf.  Since retiring he has developed a strong interest in learning more about nature and developing a Nature Learning Center at DCC. Bruce is a bioblitz day planner and facilitator

Roy Gerig  Waldo Middle School Science teacher and Conservation Director for Salem Audubon Society .

Jennifer Gingerich Jennifer is a former elementary school teacher and technology trainer presently a certified trainer and application manager for Discovery Education. Jennifer is our Bioblitz videographer.

John Gingerich  John has 40+ years of experiences with Drift Creek Camp including many trips to DCC for summer camps, family reunions, fishing trips & retreats, annual meeting and volunteering. Now he serves on the DCC board of directors and Nature Center board. John is our Bioblitz planner and data recorder/reporter.

Conrad Gowell  Conrad was first introduced to Drift Creek on a family fishing trip at the age of 10 and in the 10 years since, has spent countless hours on the stream. He has just finished his junior year at the University of Puget Sound studying the vitality of upper Drift Creek in comparison to the Sampson Creek tributary. He plans to earn a graduate degree in Fisheries Ecology from the University of Washington.

Shelley Gowell  Shelly is an Entomologist .

Jake Hurlbert  Jake has a background in biology. He has long been involved with the local Native Plant Society where he saw that there was not a lot of local knowledge about mushrooms so he started learning about the fungi and has never stopped.

Wilbur Kauffman   Wilbur is the owner of Kauffman and Associates, Inc. a Marketing Communications, Graphic Design and Advertising firm in Portland. He is a Native Plants enthusiast and professional photographer

David McCorkle  David McCorkle, Lepidopterist and Emeritus Professor, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

Lorelei Norvell President Pacific Northwest Mycology Service.

Laura and Jesse Sigmans Laura and Jesse served as onsite staff at Drift Creek Camp in 2009 greatly enhancing the Nature Information Center and onsite trail system. Laura is an elementary school teacher and outstanding photographer; Jesse has a degree in Environmental Science and experience in Environmental Services.

Lowell Spring  Lowell is a retired Western Oregon University professor whose specialty is birds. Crystal Apple Awards winning Science teacher at North Salem High School.

Marty Stein Forest Botanist, USDA Forest Service, Siuslaw National Forest, Waldport,  Oregon. Education: B.S. in Forest Management. Experience: 18 years as a botanist on national forests in Oregon and Washington, 5 years as a forester, agro-forester, and forestry technician.

Rich Swartzentruber  Rich is a science teacher at North Salem High School, knowledgeable in plant and animal life and an excellent photographer.

Jon Yoder  After twenty-three years as a science teacher at North Salem High school Jon is currently the Salem-Keizer School District’s Science Program Assistant, coordinating and supporting science programs in the schools. He has been involved in coordinating the Mill Creek project, a restoration and educational project along Mill Creek, and efforts to build the Straub Environmental Learning Center. Jon is also the Secondary Education Coordinator for the Northwest Center for Sustainable Development, which involves conducting teacher institutes and writing educational manuals. He is a Bioblitz planner and participant.