Camper Mail:
To send camper mail, please send it early so he or she can get it before leaving. (There is no mail pick-up on camper departure days.) Please use the following address: P.O. Box 1110, Lincoln City, OR 97367. If you need to reach a camp guest, please call 541-264-5067. While the old 996-3978 number can still reach camp, we are trying to switch over to the new satellite number. Please change your contact info on your phone for DCC to the 264-5067 number. The new number is much easier to use on the on-site end. Thank you!


Contact Information:

Tony & Brenda Kauffman

P.O. Box 1110
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Office # 971-600-1244 (use this number for rental information)
On-site # 541-264-5067 (use this number to reach a camp guest)

Josh and Anna McLaren

Onsite Staff (for onsite staff business)
c/o Drift Creek Camp
PO Box 1110
Lincoln City, OR 97367
phone: (541) 264-5067

Glen Oesch

Food Service Manager
P.O. Box 1110
Lincoln City, OR 97367
Phone: 503-371-2183
Cell: 503-428-2327

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