Nature and Environmental Learning Centers

HJ Andrews Experimental ForestNestled in the central Cascade Range of Oregon, the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest is a living laboratory that provides unparalleled opportunities for the study of forest and stream ecosystems. Since 1980, as a part of the National Science Foundation Long Term Ecological Research (NSF-LTER) program, the Andrews Experimental Forest has become a leader in the analysis of forest and stream ecosystem dynamics.
Hopkins Demonstration ForestHopkins Demonstration Forest is a 140-acre demonstration forest open to the public for self-guided exploration, tours, workshops, and education programs. We welcome guests during daylight hours, seven days a week throughout the year.
Jackson Bottom Wetlands PreserveJackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a 635-acre wildlife preserve located within the city limits of Hillsboro, Oregon. The Preserve is a tranquil sanctuary for both people and animals. The quiet open waters, rolling meadows and upland ash and fir woods are home to thousands of ducks and geese, deer, otters, beavers, herons and eagles.
Merry Lea Environmental Learning CenterMerry Lea is a nature sanctuary located near Wolf Lake, Indiana. Most of the habitats found in northeastern Indiana are present in the 1,189 acres of Merry Lea. Unique geological features such as peat bogs, a marl pit, and glacial gravel formations are present. Observable management practices include wetland, prairie, and savanna restorations, as well as sustainable agriculture. A vigorous educational program interprets the significant biological and geological features. Management of the center is guided by a Christian theology of earthkeeping.
Opal CreekOpal Creek Ancient Forest Center maintains and stewards Jawbone Flats, a rejuvenated historic mining town in the heart of the 35,000-acre ancient forest watershed of the Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area.
Oregon 4-H CenterThe Oregon 4-H Center is used to extend the 4-H mission of helping young people become self-directing, productive, and contributing members of society.
Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center (Islandwood)IslandWood is a unique 255-acre outdoor learning center designed to provide exceptional learning experiences and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. (songs)
Straub Environmental Learning CenterLearning Center in partnership with the community, we create an awareness and understanding of our relationship to the environment.The Straub Environmental Learning Center is a unique partnership between the Salem-Keizer School District, City of Salem, the Friends of Straub Environmental Learning Center.
Tillamook Forest CenterThe Tillamook Forest Center is a special place to develop a deeper connection with Oregon’s forests through experience and exploration. Located at the heart of the Tillamook State Forest, the region’s newest interpretive and educational center showcases the legacy of the historic Tillamook Burn and the public spirit behind a monumental reforestation effort that left a permanent imprint on Oregon history while also shaping sustainable forest management today.
Tualatin River National Wildlife RefugeJust a few short miles from the center of Oregon's largest city, the honking of geese replaces the honking of cars. This special place is a refuge, a haven for wildlife and people. Born of a community's dream, and made possible by their support, a wildlife refuge now thrives in the backyard of a growing metropolis.