Universities with Environmental Programs

Mennonite Schools:
Eastern Mennonite UniversityEnvironmental Sustainability MajorBiology, sociology and peacebuilding professors work closely together on environmental sustainability courses that weave forward-thinking sustainability practices with issues of international and community development and conservation.
Fresno Pacific UniversityEnvironmental ScienceThe environmental science major exists to provide tools for scientific observation and analysis of the environment. Using an interdisciplinary approach to scientific study, the major compliments studies of biology and chemistry with theological, philosophical, and legal perspectives on the environment.
Goshen CollegeMasters in Environmental EducationThe Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College offers an 11-month graduate program in Environmental Education. It is designed for people who want to work as environmental educators with students of all ages in diverse settings. A Master's in Environmental Education opens the doors to many possibilities for your future. Your career may be in outdoor education programs, nonprofit camps, nature centers, state parks, federal agencies, municipal recreation programs, public and private schools, non-government environmental organizations, or as an independent contractor. The 1,189-acre outdoor classroom at Merry Lea provides a wonderful setting to work with our faculty whether you are beginning or continuing a career in environmental education.
Oregon Colleges & Universities
Linfield CollegeEnvironmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies is an interdisciplinary study that centers on the relationships between humans and the planet Earth. It seeks to help students develop a deep awareness of the complex, highly dynamic nature of the world we inhabit, including interactions among human populations, the biological and physical environments, resources, technology, social organization and culture. The portion of the planet we occupy in the Pacific Northwest is exceptionally diverse for its latitude and affords rich opportunities for study and involvement.
Oregon State UniversityEnvironmental SciencesEnvironmental sciences are central to the mission of Oregon State University - a university with extensive programs related to the environment and wide use of natural resources. OSU is only one of two U.S. universities recognized as a land-, sea-, space- and sun-grant institution. OSU has exceptional strength in many of the disciplines that are required to provide a high-quality interdisciplinary education for future environmental scientists and to provide continuing post-graduate education to scientists who are already active in the field.

The Environmental Sciences Program builds on these institutional strengths offering a BS degree, a MS degree, and a Ph.D.
Pacific UniversityEnvironmental StudiesThe sustainable design major at Pacific University is an interdisciplinary program emphasizing designing solutions to environmental problems. Students combine the fundamentals of ecology and permaculture with the social sciences and humanities as they seek global solutions to complex challenges. Students spend time working at Pacific’s B Street Living Museum, a learning lab for sustainability, and exploring topics such as organic food production, green building design and education.
Portland State UniversitySchool of the EnvironmentOur department has 16 full-time and tenure-track faculty. We also have an additional fifteen or more associated faculty, adjunct faculty and research staff.
Environmental Science and Management offers two undergraduate degrees - Environmental Studies and Environmental Science. We also offer a minor in Environmental Studies and a minor in Sustainability.
At the graduate level, students can earn a Master of Science or a Masters of Environmental Management degree. Students can also earn a Certificate of Hydrology.
Environmental Science and Management offers a doctoral degree through the School of the Environment PhD program.
Environmental Science and Management is distinct in that we also host five research centers or programs. These are the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, the Aquatic Bioinvasions Research and Policy Institute (collaboratively with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center), the Student Watershed Research Program, Environmental Professional Program, and the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank & Plant Conservation Program.
Southern Oregon UniversityEnvironmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies is the investigation and body of knowledge related to the dynamic interactions between people and natural systems.

At SOU, the Environmental Studies major provides the opportunity to develop an understanding of the complexity of natural systems, natural resource use and sustainability enabling students to appreciate and solve dynamic environmental issues.

In Environmental Studies, students will research and address such global issues as climate change, water resource management, energy use, sustainable development, and the conservation of biodiversity.
University of OregonEnvironmental ScienceThe environmental science major is heavily focused on the physical sciences. You will become grounded in at least three natural-science disciplines—choosing from among biology, geology, chemistry, data analysis, and physical geography—as well as mathematics. You will have considerable latitude in designing your course of study, combining theory and practice with hands-on involvement and a detailed concentration on your own specific interests.
University of PortlandEnvironmental StudiesThe environmental studies department is for students who want to engage with the most pressing issues of the 21st century, including mitigating global climate change, protecting freshwater supplies, achieving sustainable agriculture, and reducing pollution. The search for the meaning of sustainability requires contributions from people with expertise in environmental science, environmental ethics, environmental policy, environmental engineering, sustainable business practices, and many other areas.
Western Oregon UniversityEnvironmental StudiesThe Environmental Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach for understanding the relationship between humans and the natural environment. It provides academic breadth, specific areas of expertise, and technical skills. The program supports an extensive internship program and is committed to the professional development of its students who seek employment in environmentally related fields such as resource management, environmental assessment, land-use planning, public administration, and teaching. The program also seeks to serve students interested in pursuing advanced training in environmental studies.
Willamette UniversityEnvironmental & Earth SciencesThe Environmental and Earth Sciences Department offers a comprehensive study of the natural and social sciences necessary for understanding human impact on the natural world. Our majors gain competence in both the natural and social sciences, enabling them to become contributing members of society. We emphasize critical thinking, persuasive and informed writing, competency in research and public speaking skills.