Imaginary Summer Camp at DCC!

As you may have heard, Drift Creek Summer Camp 2019 has been canceled to allow for necessary repairs and updates to be made to the culvert underneath the sole access road to camp. As a result, Drift Creek Camp needs to raise $100,000 this year to make up for the loss of the summer season.

Welcome to Drift Creek Camp

DCC provides a vibrant setting
among ancient spruce & hemlocks.
Guests can renew mind, body,
and spirit with access to miles
of forest trails and the refreshing
sounds of a cleansing stream.

North Creek

Local agencies are working to restore North Creek. The failing culvert will be replaced with a structure that will benefit the salmon and ensure accessibility along DCC’s only access road for generations to come. The road will be CLOSED beginning in June. Follow this link to see how you can support the project, and this link to help bridge the financial gap caused by the 2019 closure.  

2019 Work Weekend

Plans have been modified for Work Weekend! There will not be a work day on Friday, May 10.However, work will be done on Saturday, May 11. (If you plan to volunteer, please notify so that we can plan accordingly. Thanks!) DCC will not be serving meals so we ask that you bring along a sack lunch for Saturday. THANK YOU! For questions, please call 971-600-1244 or email 

Kitchen Volunteers

Kitchen volunteers are needed throughout the year! There are many events scheduled for the fall of 2019. Volunteers are needed to prepare meals and do the baking. And prior to the road closure we are looking for kitchen help over Work Weekend, May 10-11. If you, your family, a group of friends or a Sunday School class are willing to serve, please contact

Map and Directions

A GPS will not get you to Drift Creek. Please click here for map and directions.