Annual Work Weekend

Volunteers are invited to help “Spruce Things Up”!

Saturday, April 20, 2024


Winter can sometimes be unkind at DCC. This spring has been no exception! There have been three big trees that have fallen inside the loop, one on the field, one on the Activity Center and one on Sitka. (Yes, that one caused some damage!)  Time has also deteriorated the benches at the Amphitheatre and it’s time to replace them. So the project will entail ripping out the benches that have rotted, then build and install the new ones. We are hoping for helping hands to address these projects as well as general prep for the summer season. We need volunteers to deep-clean the lodge, wash windows, tidy the cabins, spruce up the kitchen, rake molehills, work on trails and oil the benches around the fire-ring. Volunteers with a variety of skill levels are invited to pitch in. The spring season will be packed with both weekday and weekend usage making it difficult for the small camp staff to be able to address these needs.

Volunteers are welcome to arrive on Friday, April 19 and work will begin on Saturday, April 20. Feel free to bring along a sack dinner or eat on your way Friday night, then camp will serve breakfast and lunch on Saturday. If you opt for spending the night, remember to bring bedding or a sleeping bag. We’ll then need folks to pack up their gear first thing on Saturday so that volunteers can get to work right after breakfast.