Summer Camp 2024

Plans are in the works for the Summer Camp season! With a rich tradition of providing programs for youth for generations, the hope is to honor the legacy established by camp’s founders in the early 1960s. We strive to make DCC programs be an enriching experience for all ages. Our hope is that the camp experience will foster wonder, nurture relationships, build community, and be a place where youth feel supported in their journey towards faith, discovering God’s goodness along the way! Our hope is that DCC will feel like a comfy home away from home and where we all have a place at the table!

We have selected a group of creative young adults who are passionate about working together to put kids first and provide a meaningful experience for campers! This is a great opportunity for folks to unplug from technology, explore nature, build leadership skills, laugh until it hurts, star gaze, get crafty, splash in the creek, work hard/play hard, hike on the daily, sing around the campfire, eat too many carbs, fall asleep feeling both satisfied and exhausted, then do it all again the next day! Each year, it is amazing to witness the depth of community that is built among the summer staff in just a few short weeks. We are so grateful to be able to foster that energy, community and love for camp!




Staff Orientation:  June 9-14 (Counselor and Teen Volunteer positions have been filled.)

Buddy Camp:  June 14-16 (finishing grades K -2)

Grades 3 & 4: June 16-21

High School Camp: June 23-28

Grades 7 & 8:  June 30 – July 5

Grades 5 & 6:  July 7 -12

We recognize that family schedules do not always line up with summer camp programs. If your child needs to attend a camp week different from that which is scheduled, please just let us know. We are happy to accommodate your child and will try to group them with cabin-mates closest to your camper’s age.

Welcome to Drift Creek Camp:

Drift Creek is a place where Christian values of caring for and sharing with each other in daily life can be experienced. DCC is rooted in the Anabaptist tradition and operated by the Mennonite Camp Association of Oregon, Inc., and is a member of the Mennonite Camping Association (MCA) and Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA). We are located in a temperate rainforest that speaks eloquently of God’s handiwork and beautiful creation.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact