Summer Camp 2021…

As you know, we were unable to offer programs in 2019 due to construction along DCC’s only access road. Then in 2020 we were unable to offer summer programs due to Covid. We are hoping to conduct camp in 2021. However, we are waiting to see what the State of Oregon will decide in regard to OHA Guidelines for overnight camps. Some facilities have already decided to offer day camps only, but DCC’s remote location is not exactly suitable for daily commutes.

The board has been exploring ideas of how we can make camp as safe as possible for campers, staff and volunteers. We realize that modifications will likely need to be made, but missing three summers in a row just seemed like too many! We are committed to offering camp as best as we are able. At this point, it’s too early to know what modifications will need to be made, but our guess is that cabin groups will be smaller and campers might function in pods or cohort groups. Masks will be required. We are exploring schedule options such as running camps back-to-back (as in the summer of 2012) to eliminate staff travel on weekends. It is likely that additional staff will need to be hired in order to facilitate new cleaning mandates and the need for additional smaller cabin groups.

While it is overwhelming to think about all the changes that need to be made, it is more painful to consider yet another summer without camp. Our hope is that overnight programs will be allowed and that we can partner with you in order to pull off a safe summer. After a really hard year with all the loss and chaos that Covid has caused, it seems that now, more than ever, we NEED camp! So we ask for your prayers, patience and flexibility. Once we receive state guidelines, we can better carve out a plan for how camps could function. As always, the health and safety of campers, staff and volunteers are priority. Please wait patiently. Our desire is to give campers our very best! 

For two summers now, we have missed seeing your shining faces in the registration line. We have missed hearing your sweet voices singing around the fire. We have missed the sounds of your laughter at mealtime. We have missed the pizza rolls. We have missed yelling your name and trying to catch you during 5-Puck. We have missed wondering how Carpetball can entertain so many campers at once. We have missed cook-out breakfast, smelling like a campfire, eating s’mores and hearing the joyful sounds of dance parties in the bathhouse. We have missed exploring the great Giants as we hike the trails and identifying birds in the loop. We have missed your squeals as you jump into the cold creek. We have missed your creativity, your enthusiasm, your kindness, your love. We have missed each of you, for too long!

As soon as we have a clear sense of direction, we will post the 2021 registration forms. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions by email to or by phone at 971-600-1244.

We cannot yet determine the 2021 schedule, but below is what would have been the 2020 schedule:

Staff Orientation:  June 9-14

Grades 3 & 4:  June 14-18

Parent & Me Camp:  June 19-21

High School Camp:  June 21-26

Grades 7 & 8:  June 28-July 3

Grades 5 & 6:  July 5-10

 2020 Brochure  |  2020 Registration form 

Welcome to Drift Creek Camp:

Drift Creek is a place where Christian values of caring for and sharing with each other in daily life can be experienced. DCC is rooted in the Anabaptist tradition and operated by the Mennonite Camp Association of Oregon, Inc., and is a member of the Mennonite Camping Association (MCA) and Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA). We are located in a temperate rainforest that speaks eloquently of God’s handiwork and beautiful creation.

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