Summer Camp Staff and Volunteers

Drift Creek’s summer programming depends on the hard work of volunteers. We are grateful for the generosity of those willing to share their God-given gifts and skills to enrich DCC programs. Volunteer opportunities include serving as a pastor, nurse, cook, crafts teacher, naturalist and special activities leaders. If you have creative ideas on how you could contribute, please contact DCC. We have several basic goals for the staff and campers in our summer camp program.  These are to:

  • Set aside time to nourish personal faith journeys; unplug from every-day distractions to focus on God.
  • Learn to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” through service to one another.
  • Discover God’s goodness through the joy of community, building relationships & worship among the tall trees.
  • Foster the practice of stewardship through Creation Care.

Camp highlights include polar bear swimming, hikes through ancient forests, tubing “The Loop”, and group games like Capture the Flag! Each day begins & ends with morning chapels in the amphitheater surrounded by towering trees and evening firesides enveloped with starry night views. We find that smaller programs provide more opportunities for building meaningful relationships so camps are small with 50-85 campers per session (fewer for Parent & Me).

Summer staff positions include:
Cabin Counselor (age 18 and up) – Counselor Information Flyer, Job Description
Leadership Team – Job Description
Teen Volunteer (age 13-17) – Job Description
Teen Volunteer Coordinator – Job Description
Camp Naturalist – Job Description
Crafts Leader
Lifeguard (age 21 and up)

Click here for Summer Staff Application 2021

Compensation: Summer employment at DCC is voluntary service. DCC provides staff with a stipend to help with expenses as well as on-site benefits.

These include:
Meals and lodging
Camp T-shirt
$250 per session for staff (18+ yrs. old) that attend orientation
$200 per session for staff (18+ yrs. old) that do not attend orientation
$75 stipend for Parent & Me Camp